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Life is full of options. Like the beverages we drink –coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, for example. They are different but alike. They have different flavors and smells, but the similarity is that they are all HOT. And like what we drink, we also have similar but different things happening in our lives. It often helps to try and understand what someone else may be drinking in their cup, how full or empty it may be, and whether it's too hot or too cold, in order to connect.

Someone may be trying to decide whether they want to dump the tea and try coffee(or vice versa) -in other words, drop a bad habit, mannerism, judgment or outlook. And guess what? Your insight could help!


You may have to tell someone that hot chocolate may taste good but green tea is much better for you.“What’s in Your Cup?” is a discussion that is intended to shed light and understanding on what you are drinking each day.

How are you refilling your cup? And what is actually IN your cup?


We will talk about the cream and sugar (negative thinking or sinful behavior) that we add which we do not need. And look at the alternatives like stevia and raw honey (prayer, God’s word, and positive thinking) that are much better for us. Let’s pour some good things into each other’s cups! But before we do that, we have to empty the cup, wash it, and dry it to get it ready for a tasty new beverage.

And that is going to be a wonderful thing!

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