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International Women's Day is HER day - Ciera Davis

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Every woman has a story to tell. We are not just moms, daughters, friends, sisters, girlfriends and wives, etc. We are WOMEN first. Our lives have purpose and meaning. We don't have to make big business moves or have thousands of followers to be important. No degree is necessary to be fabulous! The everyday woman is special indeed. We should celebrate women for their contributions to the world as a whole. Cherish how much more beautiful it is because we are HERE. We birth and nurture EVERY life. And for THAT we should be protected, loved, and celebrated daily!

On this 2023 International Women's Day, I would like to introduce you to Ciera Davis. This day is even more special to her because it is her BIRTHDAY!

Ciera is 29 years old today! Born and raised in Dayton, OH. She has 3 beautiful children - Braxton, Lauryn and Devin. She is on the board for her son's football league, in addition to being one of the team moms. Her dream is to own and operate a childcare facility where all of the children who attend are well prepared for school and have the social and emotional skills to be successful students.

Now let's hear from my first interviewee for this Phenomenal Women's Month series. Here is Ciera's interview:

Me: Why do you think it's important to celebrate Women's History Month?

Ciera: Women's History Month is important because women are the foundation of the world!

Me: What woman in history has influenced your life the most?

Ciera: I would say Ruby Bridges. I say this because she showed that strength and resilience can start at a young age. As women we go through so much, but we have an unimaginable amount of strength that allows us to keep going.

Me: What is your profession and why did you choose it? OR did it choose you?

Ciera: I am currently a front office clerical person at a local High School. Honestly, I just love being around kids. I feel like the education system chose me and that is why I am going back to school to get my Early Childhood Education Degree.

Strength and resilience can start at a young age. - Ciera D.

Me: What impact would you like to have on women's history? And what story do you want people to look back and tell about you?

Ciera: I want people to be able to say that through every trial I experienced, that I never gave up and came out on top. Even when I wanted to quit, I kept going. I also want people to say the Ciera developed one of the best child care facilities, where love and perseverance produced some of the brightest young minds

Me: What are some of your favorite things?

Ciera: I love the color purple. My favorite scents are lavender and eucalyptus. And I really love just sitting on my couch and binge watching tv shows!

Me: Name one fun fact about yourself that most people may not know.

Ciera: I took dance classes for more than ten years and I loved tap dancing.

Me: Why are you a phenomenal woman?

Ciera: I am a phenomenal woman because I never give up!

Me: Describe yourself in ONE word.


You can follow Ciera on on Facebook @cieradavis and Instagram @cieraldavis. Let's cheer her on as she takes on this journey of being a student while parenting and working fulltime. This is surely a major undertaking and we wish her positive blessings and success from Double Chocolate Press!

Love and blessings,


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