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No Fooling Around

For many the beginning of April officially means Spring is on the way! Easter is coming and of course on this first day of the month, the jokesters of the world run rampant for April Fool's Day!

But in the world of business, this also means second quarter is beginning. And we look back to see how the year is going. Are we reaching our targets? Did we meet financial goals? What is the plan for the next three months?

For me, I am on a mission. As a new, small business, I am going to do some venturing out. Increase my networking efforts. I cannot allow the introvert in me to have a strangle hold. I am NOT fooling around with myself! Second quarter is get it done time. I have business and personal goals I want to reach and its time to put my own feet to the fire.

I really enjoyed the interviews from Women's History Month! If you didn't check them out, I hope you will. I got to know a few phenomenal women better and was able to share their stories with you. Reaching out to women to secure those interviews was a big step for me. Like I said, my introvert side tends to rule my world so asking things of others is something I shy away from. I took the leap anyway because I really wanted to celebrate women and tell their stories in March. The interview experiences also let me know that I need to be more consistent with my blog. The reception for those posts were huge and I appreciative those that tuned in and read each interview! In addition, I think this blog will help me hone my writing skills more while sharing pieces of my life you all! So keep coming back please. It encourages me to stay at it.

My intentions for this quarter also include making plans to host my own events. I want to support other small businesses while growing my own. So with that in mind, the projects I have in mind will allow entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses in a fun way while providing social engagement to the community. I hope you will join me and the other businesses that will be involved. More later on that...

And my last push for myself is to create more products that YOU will love! My business tagline is "Books, Coffee and More!" I would love to hear from you what you would like to see in the "MORE" area of my business. I have always enjoyed making things for children, so that is definitely on my radar. I have had requests for children's devotional books and journals so I am all over that! I have had requests for tea as well. Now I am a coffee lady at heart, BUT I want to get the tea folks on my team too. Therefore, I will be doing serious research for a good quality tea to add to my product offerings.

That's all for now! Drop me a line and let me know how Double Chocolate Press can better serve you, as well as what events and products you would be interested in.

Happy April and don't be too FOOLISH today!

Love and blessings,


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