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What's Your Story?


Hello MARCH!

A new month means a fresh start on those goals. This is your reminder to start from scratch if you have to but stay the course. Quitting has never been the answer to a roadblock. We must look for other ways to reach the finish line and when you are able, create new avenues to reach your goals. So let's KEEP GOING!

March also means it’s Women’s History Month! What a great follow up to Black History Month. Women have made so many fabulous contributions to the world as a whole, so this month of focusing on the ladies is well deserved! March is dedicated to reflection on the often overlooked offerings of women in the history of this world.

The National Women’s History Alliance has declared the theme for this March to be “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.” We are encouraged to recognize the work of women of today and yesterday in all forms of media and storytelling.

I LOVE this theme because I am also a huge proponent of telling your story and sharing your testimony so that another may be helped, blessed and motivated to heal and tell their own. So let’s be women that share our stories this month!

“Our history is our strength!” -The National Women’s History Alliance

I would love to do a few mini stories about some of the women around me this month! If you are interested in sharing your story and what makes YOU a phenomenal woman, send me a message. I will post the story here on my blog and on my social media accounts for the world to enjoy!

Let’s celebrate our history together ladies...

Love and blessings,


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