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Choosing Your Word of the Year – Finding Focus for 2024

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

When I joined the decorative planner community, I discovered this thing called "One Little Word". In the planner world, you choose a word for the year and then have some sort of representation of it in your planner that you can reflect on all year.

Have you ever picked a word for the year? It’s a word that you choose (or it chooses you) that you want to focus on for the year. It often describes where you are or where you want to be, what you desire to have or what you are looking forward to. It is a word that resonates in YOUR spirit.


Check out my first decorative planner spread for 2024!

My one little word for 2023 was ABUNDANCE.

For me it meant that I believed that God would provide more than what me and my family needed, wanted or expected. Understand that the results of your word can be good or not so good things. BUT you have the choice to consider them one way or the other (cup full or empty).

Sometimes in ABUNDANCE, you are challenged. You learn how to balance. How to allocate resources. How to channel your time, attention and energy. And trust me, I learned/experienced ALL of these things in 2023.

Because I began working as an entrepreneur full time in 2023, I was concerned about all of our needs being met. And let me tell you, we didn’t miss a meal or a bill! (Insert praise dance here!) Our household grew from 2 to 7 this year so we had to stretch everything even more! Space, time, patience, food, finances, etc., were all a challenge. But we remained ABUNDANTLY blessed. It has not been easy but because God is just that good, we are alright!

So I challenge you to choose a word for 2024! Believe that it's representation in your life will be positive. Really trust that it will manifest in your life! Display it in your planner (if you have one), on your desk, it the notes on your phone - wherever you feel you will be able to do a regular check in with it. Write the definition as well. Make sure it's a good focus word for YOU.

If you have already chosen a word, I would love to hear it. If not, make sure you circle back and send me a message when you do. I will share my word in the next post...

Y’all have a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve!

Love and blessings,


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