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Let Me Make Myself Clear

Hello Friends!

I just wanted to check in on your plans for 2024. Any new goals? What are some things you want to change or do differently this year? We are halfway through January at this point, so have you made any adjustments to your intentions?

In my last post I talked about my word of the year (STOP here and read that post if you haven’t yet ).

So I wanted to follow up with some conversation about goals AND to share my one little word for this year. My objectives this year are similar to last year. I want to grow my business for sure. And a huge thing happened at Christmas - I got engaged! So I am also planning a wedding! With that said, I am considering a part-time job to supplement some of my plans. Do I want to go back to working for someone else? NO. But we do what we have to do.

And this leads me to my word for the year which is CLARITY. I am on a mission to really listen to my spirit and follow the path God sets before me, while doing things decent and in order. 2023 was full of big changes and I feel like I was consistently going with the flow. Things were just happening that I really did not have time to plan for. And honestly, I was a bit stressed from it all.

Therefore, I am seeking clarity on things related to business/work, relationships, family, finances, serving others and self-care. I want to set real, meaningful and tangible goals. Nothing broad and sweeping that could go one way or the other. Very specific and inspiring!

I also want to not over think and over feel so much. I am a pretty organized person. I believe there is a place for everything and everything has a place. This particular way of being has left me a bit anxious recently. So my intentions going forward are not to try to make all things perfect. My space won't always be spotless. Things will get cluttered with seven people in the house! And I will be practicing my woo sah! Lol!

Once again I will ask - have you considered a word of the year?? If you haven’t, I challenge you to pick one and make sure it is something relevant to your master plans. 

Send me a message with your word and plan of action! I can’t wait to hear all about your aspirations for 2024!

Take care and be safe out there!

Love and blessings,


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