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There is Nothing Like Sisters - Monique Briscoe Love

Telling our own stories often entails, family narratives. They are the basis for our history. Family is where we come from and oftentimes how we became a certain way. Today's Women's History month feature is on Monique Briscoe Love. Her family bonds as well as their gifts, helped her determine her calling.

Monique is committed to providing unique food, beverage and catering options through her business - Sisters. As a food creator, she believes in telling a story through her love of cooking which she hopes translates to the patrons that consume each dish.

Let me introduce you to Monique, also known as Chef Mo:

Me: Why do you think it's important to celebrate Women's History Month?

Monique: It is important to celebrate Women's History Month because as women we carry a lot. Wear a lot of hats. People don't always see our strength though. We are moms, wives, sisters and more. But we also want people to know that we are powerful. We can do whatever we set our minds to, not just what others think we should do.

Me: What woman in history has influenced your life the most?

Monique: My mother and my aunts have influenced me the most. As a child, my father was the "bread winner". Mom worked and just used her money to do things for the kids. But when my parents separated, my mother had to get her bearings and figure out life. She struggled, but she always made things happen for us. Birthdays and holidays still were celebrated! She taught me how to hustle and do things for myself. My mom and aunts were all gifted in the kitchen and always cooking. I was right there with them - the youngest one. Because of them I named my business Sisters.

Me: What is your profession and why did you choose it? OR did it choose you?

Monique: I am a chef. I would say the profession chose me. I was always cooking, Even when I was young. When there were carry ins at school or church, I was bring dishes. When I cooked for my family - there was just three of us - there was always so much food. Friends would come and get plates to take home because I did not know how to cook a little bit of food! So everyone knew there would be extras. At seventeen I sold my first plate to a guy in my neighborhood. He asked what I cooked that day and said he would pay for a plate. $20 for a plate of food was a lot back then (and he bought two) so I was excited! Once the word got out, I was cooking and making enough money to pay my rent.

Everything we do at Sisters is done with love. -Monique L.

Me: What impact would you like to have on women's history? And what story do you want people to look back and tell about you?

Monique: I would like my impact to be that I helped others to not care what others think about them and live in their truth. I want people to tell to say I was gentle but could be a giant when it came to my family. Also that I was organic and naturally kind.

Me: What are some of your favorite things?

Monique: Cooking, eating, family, and making others happy.

Me: Name one fun fact about yourself that most people may not know.

Monique: I used to love to sing and write songs. My voice is not the same now due to having Lupus, so I do not sing anymore. I was almost signed to a record deal, but I got pregnant at sixteen and decided to pursue motherhood instead.

Me: Why are you a phenomenal woman?

Monique: I believe myself to be pure at heart. I wear and adjust my crown without bringing others down. And lastly, I understand the need to live my life peacefully.

Me: Describe yourself in ONE word.

Monique: LOVE

You can find Chef Mo at the District Market in Downtown Dayton, located at 200 Wayne Ave., Wednesday through Sunday, from 12pm until 5pm. Sisters is one of the food businesses in the market.

Love and blessings,


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